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All Natural Beef

While they may be mini in stature, Minis produce 70% of the steak of cattle twice their size!

Beef Cuts

  • We sell by the 1/4, 1/2 or whole beef.

  • $5.00/lb hanging weight
    An average side is 130-170 lbs hanging wt (which is before trimming and deboning), then the actual wt received in cuts is about 50-70% of the hanging wt

  • Vacuum sealed, freezer-ready packages with the cut and weight noted

  • Our beef is processed at a USDA certified facility

  • Our cattle are pasture raised.  They are occasionally hand-fed a small amount of all natural grain as a treat.

  • No growth hormones, promotants or steroids are ever fed to our cattle

  • We have no genetically modified cattle

  • No chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides are used on our pastures

  • No inhumane treatment of our animals would ever be tolerated


To place an order for our All Natural Beef, we require a 25% deposit.

The final price will be known once your specific order is finalized and packaged.

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